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 Florey Medical Centre is offering the AstraZeneca vaccine to eligible patients

Update 17th June 2021

The Australian Technical Advisory group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has reviewed their advice on the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. They recommend that Pfizer as the preferred vaccine for people aged under 60 years. This doesn’t change who is currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine but it means the Pfizer is now the preferred vaccine for people under 60.

The recommendation ATAGI have made is based on new evidence that has emerged that demonstrates a higher risk of TTS in the 50-59 year old age group than initially thought. The benefits of the vaccine still vastly outweigh any risk for people aged 60 and over.

“I am aged 50 to 59 years old and I have an appointment to receive my first AstraZeneca vaccine at my GP. Do I need to change my booking?”

If you are aged 50 to 59 years and you have an appointment to receive your first dose of AstraZeneca, it is recommended you discuss your options with your health professional. You can reschedule your appointment at a Pfizer vaccination site. Effective immediately, the 21 Commonwealth Vaccination Clinics currently providing the Pfizer vaccines will open eligibility to people aged 50-59 years.

“What if I have already had one dose of AstraZeneca? Should I have a different vaccine for my second dose?”

No this isn’t necessary. If you have already had one dose of AstraZeneca and you did not experience severe side effects, there is no reason you cannot receive a second dose of AstraZeneca. The rare blood clotting condition, TTS, is rarer still in second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the chances of severe side effects when mixing vaccine doses is higher than any risk. It is important that every person who receives a COVID-19 vaccine receive the full two-dose course

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COVID-19 Health Alert

Have you been in a current Geographical Area of Risk? Please check the latest public health advice before you visit our practice COVID-19 vaccine – COVID-19 ( 

Please do not enter the practice if you have:

  • A Confirmed positive case of COVID-19
  • In the last 14 days returned from overseas, or any confirmed COVID-19 hotspots
  • Exposure to people who have a confirmed case of COVID-19

If YES to any of the above, PLEASE CALL our Medical Centre on 02 6259 1444. 


Sore throat
Shortness of breath
Runny nose
Joint or muscle aches
Loss of smell or taste

Please minimise the people you bring with you to your medical appointment as this reduces the risk of transmission for everyone.

Call 000 if you need urgent medical help

For further information go to Australian Government Department of Health or call Healthdirect on 1800 022 222.

Due to the continually evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are offering both Telehealth and face-to-face consultations at our Practice. Telehealth consultations will be conducted either on the telephone or by video link when appropriate. Please call the Practice on 02 6259 1444 to make an appointment for Telehealth. Face-to-face consultations can still be made online or by calling the Practice.


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